Quick and Simple Steps on Leash Training a Puppy Fast

December 14, 2014

Watch video to learn tips on Leash Training a Puppy from the dog whisperer.

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Leash Training a Puppy/ Dog Fast

Why Is it important to learn about leash training a puppy for both you and your puppy’s safety? The process of puppy leash training is very important as it greatly contributes to the positive life of your dog. For example more frequent safe walks. Some of the main factors you need to train your dog include making it be confident, calm, and patient as well as other best ways to overcoming concerns or fears your dog may have. The process of training a puppy to walk on a leash can be made easy as it does not involve many rules and regulations.

Different dogs will always give the leash and collar different approaches. For individuals living in apartments, you may be forced by the laws of the apartment as their puppy needs to adhere to the leash laws. The process of enabling your puppy to walk on the leash will require you to have a collar and the leash. For a young puppy, you should always start off with a lighter collar and leash before you get to the more advance ones as the dog age becomes more mature.

How do you Leash Train your Puppy?

The steps of how to leash train your puppy can be very simple and most puppies can easily cope with them. Leash training a puppy to walk on a leash begins by familiarizing and customizing your puppy to the collar. While doing this, it is advisable not to attach the collar and the leash as this may make the puppy become very fearful and concerned. You should just start off with just the collar when your puppy is free and does not have anything that occupies the mind. For example, when the pup is out in the yard and you get to play with your pup.

The collar should always be very comfortable on the pup and therefore you should not make it so tight that may be irritating hence causing discomfort to your puppy. You should also ensure that the pup’s attention is not attracted by the collar. You then need to put it on while interacting with your pup. By doing this, your pup will eventually get used to both the leash and the collar. If you notice that your pup always try to scratches the collar, try attracting his attention by making the him play with things like toys or keep him busy by playing around the yard with him.

After this puppy training stage, you may also notice that whenever you pick up the leash, your pup may feel some tension and start going into his antics. Let the pup run around with the leash just after attaching it but always keep an eye on him in case he gets tangles up with it.

This is now the second stage of puppy leash training that will encourage you on the task you are undertaking. At this stage of leash training a puppy, you should always keep him company and by bringing in another dog to play with him can be very beneficial. For individuals without another dog then you need to take the task up of keeping him company and play with him. You should always pick up the leash and make him come to you. Treat your pup very gently and you will see great changes just after short while.

The process of puppy leash training will not need you to try to make the pup walk at the heel. This should be something he should do naturally without you tempting him to do so as you need to treat him very carefully and gently. Through this, your pup will gain confident in you and eventually make him have confidence in himself and the leash. You can always leave your dog to figure out what is happening while kneeling or standing still. This will make him be very confident and achieve the best with time. For better dog management, you can always have your puppy besides you whilst holding the leash at his head level and you both go walking. Remember to take some breaks and allow time for the pup to rest as this will make him learn how to walk on the leash quicker. This is a very appropriate way for how to leash train your puppy.

Depending on your type of puppy, he may behave awkwardly by deciding not to move anymore. In case this happens, a good tip is that you should not give up but move a few steps away from him, kneel down and then use the treat to make him reach out to you. This will make him reach you and you get to continue the puppy leash training. The leash and collar may at times introduce some negative behaviors in your dog which could lead to resistance. You may find out that your dog will not walk alongside you when having the lease but when you take off the lease they will not leave your side. Despite these challenges, you should always be persistent and finally you will find that leash training a puppy is much simpler than you imagined and with some determination you will achieve the best out of it.

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