7 Must Know Ways How to Crate Train a New Puppy for Beginners

December 3, 2014

The best ways how to crate train a puppy can be very fast and effective. It leads itself to other things like potty training your dog. Crate training is really is the first step in potty training your puppy. Getting your puppy used to its crate is the initial step before moving on towards other puppy training plans. Watch the video to the end and get some really good and easy to implement crate training tips to get you and your puppy on your way.

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How to Crate Train a New Puppy

Great, so, you just added a brand-new puppy to your family. The excitement has just begun, but what are your plans to keep him/ her in their own space. Well this is where some knowledge of crate training can become very handy indeed.
Below is a 7 easy to follow step by step program regarding how to crate train a puppy fast.

Please don’t use the crate as a punishment tool as it may lead to confusing ideas in yours puppy dogs head. Is it a nice safe homely place or is it a place of punishment like a cell? Patience and consistency are key factors in any form of training a puppy. It takes a little time to succeed.

If you are new to all this you would first want to know “what exactly is puppy crate training?

Crate training is regarded as an excellent way to housetrain your puppy by briefly confining him in a pet crate. It really does works because canines do not like to urinate or defecate in the place where they are resting and as a result they start to develop bladder and bowel control. After a while they are then allowed out of the crate to pee or poo. The whole process then repeats itself to continue the crate training plan and increase the time spent in the crate.

Now that we have outlined the “just what, “let’s now carry on to the” just how.” Below is 7-Easy Steps Process you need to follow for how to crate train your puppy fast.

Step 1: Presenting Your Puppy to the Crate

The only method that appears to work fast to crate train your young puppy is to initially acquaint your new puppy with the dog crate. This could be done by placing a soft blanket inside making it look comfortable and inviting. Simply, open the door and start encouraging your young puppy to go in and out. You could also encourage him/ her with the use of treats to tempt him to go inside the crate and stay for a while. After he has been inside a couple of times, you can provide him a pet dog bone or plaything to have fun with while shutting the door on the cage for a brief period of time.

Step 2: Begin with Short Durations

Having been familiarised with the puppy dog crate, it’s now time to start increasing the duration of your puppy time in the dog crate. Start with short intervals of 15 minutes and then gradually increase to 30, 45 minutes, an hour and so on.

Step 3: Praising and Rewarding your Puppy

When the young puppy has actually been good for example has actually not relieved himself/ herself in the pet puppy crate, applaud him as well as award him with a little treat.

This positive approach will over time establish a connection as to what is and what is not acceptable.

He will then begin to behave in a more favourable manner a lot more often in an attempt to obtain both your praises and not forgetting the rewards of the treats as well. When your young puppy has an accident in the crate or in our home, do not penalize him. Merely clean it up and put him in the puppy crate. You should make a note on your puppy training chart or at least note it down to help you much better forecast when your dog should eliminate. It is also important to remember that crate training your puppy will help with their bladder and bowel control.

Step 4: Allow Pup Outside Once Per Hour

After your puppy has gotten fairly comfortable with the puppy dog crate, simply extend his puppy crate time to one hour sessions. After a one hour session of being in the crate without him eliminating take him/ her outside for about five minutes. If he/ she pees or poos during this time interval, reward him with a treat and your appreciation. You could additionally surprise him by allowing him to play in the house momentarily if you make sure that he has no need to further eliminate. If your puppy does not get rid of his/ her waste during that 5 minute span, placed them back in the crate until the next time you feel he/ she is ready to eliminate.

Step 5: Gradually Boost Time

As your new puppy begins to familiarize and feel increasingly more comfortable with the puppy crate, you can expand his/ her time in the cage. Remember, you will still need to take him/ her outside once each hour when possible.

Step 6: Attempt Overnight Sleep If Needed

Whilst this is not recommended, however, if you are in requirement for your new puppy to sleep in the pet crate on an occasional night, you will certainly need to do some things. Initially, position the pet crate in your room. Then, presuming he is already accustomed to the pet crate, encourage your pup to go inside. After a couple of evenings of him sleeping in the pet crate in your room, you could then place the crate in other rooms where you might or else prefer he/ she sleeps.

Step 7: Appreciation as well as Compensating Puppy!

Yes, right here it is once again. Appreciate and also reward your pup. Your new puppy truly wants to please you as he desires your appreciation, attention as well as treats. Your regular favourable reinforcement of good behaviour when domesticating him/ her will certainly motivate a lot more good behaviour.

Now that you are better prepared to tackle the crate training process and you have some good sound ideas about how to crate train a puppy then it’s time to get started. The sooner the better for both of you!

Make use of these 7 Training Steps outlined. Soon and very quickly your close friends will be asking how you were able to train your puppy to be so well behaved.

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