The Best Ways How to House Train a New Puppy Fast – 3 Different Techniques

December 4, 2014

The best ways how to house train a puppy can be very fast and not difficult at all. Best of all if it done right you need not worry about getting your house destroyed in the process. How long does it take to house train a puppy really just boils down to a few basic puppy training concepts? Check the video out and watch it to the end to get some really terrific puppy house training tips that can get you started right away!

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How to House Train a New Puppy Fast – 3 Proven Ways

It is generally understood amongst puppy experts that the best ways how to house train a new puppy fast really involves 3 proven but different techniques. Of course there are others puppy housetraining methods around but the 3 that will be considered here have been proven to work time and time again without fail.

Technique One: How to Home Train A Young Puppy

This technique requires that you place newspapers or specially treated pads on the floor to persuade the young puppy to pee and poo on them. The denoted pads are actually sprayed with a fragrant scent that attracts the pup to go to the pad where they check it out and do his/ her business on them.

Now, you don’t have to go out of your way to specially purchase this scented pad. Plain newspapers or similar disposable paper can function just as well without the extra cost of buying the scented pads. The new puppy proprietor needs to keep a keen eye on the young puppy so that he knows when the puppy begins to exhibit a few of the “pre-potty habits “. Habits like walking around as well as smelling the floor. When the owner notices this they need to rapidly put the puppy on the paper/ pad to execute his responsibility well. Applauding him and giving him a treat also works well making him/her feels good about what they have just done.

The puppy soon begins to associate that when he wants to perform his duties he must go to the paper/pad. When the owner sees him/ her going by themselves, what he now needs to do is to move the paper / pad closer the outside door. Soon the puppy will begin to associate and use this new area for his duties. The next step the owner should take is to then move the paper/pad outside. As the puppy has now linked that when he/ she want to go they must go to the paper/ pads. The puppy’s development from going inside the residence, using the paper/pad to going outside the home on the paper/pad is an excellent move in their development. Ultimately, at some point the paper/pad should be removed at which point you should congratulate the puppy and yourself.

Technique 2: How To Housebreak A New Puppy Fast

This puppy housebreaking method is often described as the crate/cage concept or technique. The owner buys or rent a crate/cage that is sufficiently adequate enough for the puppy to just rest in it. The agreed theory amongst the expert dog trainers here is that the young puppy will not foul the location where he/ she is resting and would prefer to go somewhere else. For this approach to functions extremely well the crate/cage must be of appropriate dimensions i.e. just big enough for the puppy to lie down and no more. Now if the crate/ cage is too big for the young puppy you will find that they will pee and defecate on one side of the crate/cage and then rest on the other side. This defeats the whole purpose of the puppy training exercise.

The puppy is housed in the crate/cage until it is time for him/ her to eliminate. He/ she is then take outside for a short period of time to do their duties and then placed back in the cage.

This type of housetraining a puppy encourages them to gain more control over their bowels and bladder for longer than normally possible for them. The puppy is allowed to perform his/ her duties when they are released from the crate/cage and permitted to go outside the house. This puppy training generally goes on for a couple months. During this time the new puppy will learn that when he/ she feel the urge to eliminate, they need to go outside your home and it is the only ideal place to go and it pleases you, for them to do so.

Technique 3: How To Home Train A New Puppy Dog

This puppy dog training technique calls for no papers/ pads or crates/cages to be used but just the steady alert supervision of the young puppy by his trainer/ owner. The trainer needs to take his/ her clues from the puppy. So when the young puppy begins to exhibit some of his/her “pre-potty characteristics”, which may be things like walking around smelling the floor, the puppy trainer/ owner need to be alert to this. He then needs to quickly take the puppy outside to allow him/ her to perform their elimination duties.

Because the puppy is not confined to a space, the trainer needs to be extra vigilant with the young dog to ensure that no mishaps occur. When the pup is taken outside he should be praised and also rewarded for relieving himself. Some treats would be nice at this stage and should be given immediately. The pup has to understand and link the two together, which is the praise and the reward of the treats in relation to doing his potty duties outside.

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